Pier & Beam Homes

Pier and beam foundations are a type of foundation that incorporate a crawl space beneath the home & footings filled with concrete to support the slab. The crawl space allows access to heating and plumbing utilities without having to break through the concrete slab. Thanks to the piers, foundations are less susceptible to damage due to ground shifting. If extreme ground shifting does occur, the foundation is easily adjusted.

The pier and beam foundation is one of the first sustainable foundation types used. Because of it’s reliability it is still being used today in many homes.

Pier and beam foundations use concrete columns or blocks that are stabilized deep in the ground to a concrete pad that is reinforced with rebar. It sticks up above ground to support large wooden beams that support your home’s floor joists. This type of foundation is typically elevated higher much higher above ground than the other type of foundation, a concrete slab. A basic rendering of the main components is shown in the diagram above.

Pier and beam (or pier and post) foundations have a crawl space under the floor of the home to ground. An advantage to this type of foundation is having access to things such as utility lines when in need of repair. There is typically access to this crawl space in a closet that contains a hinged floor board. It’s important to have proper ventilation in order to keep the moisture under control to protect the wood beams. To keep your foundation healthy be sure schedule yearly checkups to catch any tiny problems before they become a big one.

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