Foundation Issues When Buying A New Home

When buying a new home its always easy to over look some of the most important aspects to the condition of the home your purchasing. Like in any new moment of change, we usually are contending with multiple things at once. Here are a few foundation tips to look our for when purchasing that new dream home.

Causes of Foundation Problem

One main areas of concern is the areas rainfall. Different soil condition react to foundations different. Here in south Texas our soil is made of highly expansive soil types, this in turn creates conditions that lift and put pressure on slab foundations. In contrast the opposite effect is true when soil conditions are dry and rain fall is at a minimum.

During drought seasons the lack of moisture in the air creates conditions that allow moisture to be released from the soil. Allowing for shifts underneath slab foundations resulting in cracks that can be seen within the home.

Structural Damage Look Out

Indication that ones home could have foundation problems is exterior cracks originating from the slab foundation. Look out for splits in the outside walls or brick, under-slab water marks or leaks are good indicators of moisture in the foundation. Sticky window frames and door wells are also indications that there is shifting of the foundation.


Tree Roots Lifting Your House?

I came across this post about a sycamore tree root actually lifting a house and causing some damage to the brick.

In the second picture the root is clearly damaging the brick lining along the bottom of the house.

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